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"Since my childhood days in the village of Beit Duko, north of Jerusalem, I have always dreamt of owning my own car rental agency. I used to collect car models and pictures and they were the most precious items I owned. As far as I recollect, I have known all the different car types and where they were made.

When I grew up, I decided to move to America and try to pursue my dream. After 17 years of hard work and experience, I came back to my country with the capability to make my dream come true. My return coincided with the signature of the Oslo accords. A ray of hope flashed over the holy city of Jerusalem and a new era of prosperity began.

In 1995 my dream became a reality with the opening of Dallah Al-Barakah. We started with 20 cars. The dream finally came true. Business flourished and market demands grew.

Our first challenge came with the Palestinian Authority elections. Scores of international observers were brought in to oversee the election process, and we provided them with transport. What made us stand out, a relatively small company was our unique service. Now in 2003 we are a leader in our region in car rental business. We have recently opened up another branch office at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem. "

Whether for leisure or business, we are established to cater for your needs during your stay in Palestine and Israel. We are based in Jerusalem and we cover the increasing demands in car rental business. With over 150 cars, we have become one of the most prominent companies to provide rental services all over the country. We have long-term contacts with many customers operating in the country. Whether journalists or service providers of all sorts, our cars span all over the West Bank, Jerusalem and Israel.

We keep our cars in excellent condition thanks to its garage where regular checks are conducted by professional and well-experienced mechanics. Our staff members are always ready to render their services anywhere in the country.